The Lakers Stink!

Lebron James has seemed to already mail in this year, and the rest of the Lakers team is awful. Brandon Ingram has  potential but he is still like 2 years away from being a difference maker in the NBA. The rest of the team…. yikes. Lonzo Ball is a bust, Kuzma is the ultimate good stats bad team player ever and rondo hasn’t been a starting PG level player since Boston. This team will be lucky to win 45 games and people who think Lebron alone will lead this team to 50 wins and a 3 seed are fucking crazy! Luke Walton doesn’t know how to coach. Lebron James will still get you 26-7-7 this year but also wont play a bit of defense, actually this entire team wont play defense thats why they will continue to give up 140 points a night. Lebron Dominance is finally coming to an end. ( take dominance with a grain of salt) and they will end up a 7 seed and get swept by the Rockets. If you’re a lakers fan get ready for next years free agency because this season is over!!! BTW- Javale Mcgee should not be in the NBA.

get ready for alot of this

and this



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