Gennady Golovkin Screwed By Vegas Once More

Gennady Golovkin out landed Canelo Alvarez 234-202 in the rematch of their first fight in which Golovkin out landed Alvarez 218-169, yet somehow Golovkin is 0-1-1 against Alvarez. Golovkin was able to hurt Canelo several times in the last few rounds and controlled Alvarez by using his dominate jab throughout the fight. I have loved Boxing since i was a kid but its to the point where you expect a bad decision every time a big event happends. in the last few years there are many bad decisions in big fights ( Pacquiao vs Bradley I, Pacquiao vs Horn, Mayweather vs Maidana I, Golovkin vs Alvarez I and II) and is one of the reasons the UFC has passed Boxing as the biggest combat Sport in the world. The UFC has had bad decisions too, but unlike boxing you don’t get the feeling that fights are being rigged by Vegas Judging. I scored the first fight 117-111 GGG and this fight 116-112 GGG. In the 2 fights Golovkin has out landed ALvarez 452 to 371 yet has been screwed over by the judges both times. Fuck Boxing!


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