Recapping Game 1 for the Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee lost to West Virginia 40-14, here are the good and bad of week 1 for the Volunteers.


Jarred Guarantano – Despite being under constant pressure from West Virginia defense, Guarantano was able to have a decent game. Guarantano was accurate going 19-25 with 172 yards and 1 passing touchdown. He showed that he is much improved from last year and if he can get a little more help from his offensive line Guarantano could put up some impressive numbers this year.

Tim Jordan – Running for 118 yards on 20 carries Tim Jordan was able to claim the starting position at RB for the Volunteers.

Darrin Kirkland Jr. – After all the injuries Kirkland Jr. has endured in his college career it was a pleasant sign to see Kirkland Jr. out on the field, plus the 10 tackles he had didn’t hurt either.

Bad –

Defensive Backs – The Volunteer DB’s looked lost for much of this game allowing many big plays through the air for the opposing offense. This will need to improve over the next couple weeks if Tennessee wants to compete in the SEC this year.

Offensive Line – The offensive line was terrible there is other way to put it. Especially  Brandon Kennedy the transfer from Alabama was really bad. The Offensive line Has to Improve or i don’t see Guarantano being able to last the year taking beatings like he did in this game.


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