UFC Gaethje vs. Vick Predictions

Predictions for UFC Gaethje vs. Vick on august 25th.

Justin Gaethje vs. James Vick- In the main event you will see this exciting matchup of two strikers, the main question in this fight is James Vick going to be able to use his footwork and boxing to avoid a Brawl with Gaethje. Now with Gaethje coming off 2 losses (Alvarez, Poirier) has promised to use a smarter gameplan and include his wrestling more in this fight, i however do not believe this will be the case when this fight happends. I see Gaethje using pressure and getting Vick into a slugfest which favors Gaethje. Prediction: Gaethje Via 3rd round TKO

Rest of the card predictions

Fili > Johnson via Unanimous decision

Casey > Hill Via 3rd round TKO

Barberena > Ellenberger Via Unanimous Decision

Figuieredo > Moraga Via 2nd round Submission

Anders > Williams Via Unanimous Decision

Krause > Alves Via Unanimous Decision

Alcantara > Sandhagen Via 1st round Submission

Sanchez > Perez Via Unanimous Decision

Gall > Sullivan Via Split Decision

Calderwood > Faria Via Unanimous Decision

Dober > Tuck Via 2nd round TKO

Yahya > Sanders Via Split Decision



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