Sports Story for 8-16-2018

Here are my thought on the biggest stories of the week, lets start with Ronald Acuna Jr. getting drilled on the first pitch of the game thrown by Jose Urena. This was downright bullshit by the Marlins, and Marlins fans acting like it was justified because Acuna Jr. is the hottest hitter on the planet ( 8 home runs in last 8 games) is ridiculous. If the marlins are tired of giving up home runs to Acuna Jr. then here is a thought how about you start throwing quality pitches against the guy. I mean if the 2 best pitchers on your dog shit 48-75 team are fucking Dan Straily who has a 4.42 ERA with a record of 4-5 and Jose Urena who has a horrible record of 3-12 with an ERA of 4.74  no wonder you give up homers to every fucking  team you play.

On to the next topic which is Duke first exhibition of the year in which they played in Canada against Ryerson in a game that Duke won 86-67. Can we go ahead and give Duke the National Championship now? Zion Williamson had 29 points, 13 rebounds, and one of the craziest put back dunks i have ever seen, i mean if this guy doesn’t break a rim this year i will eat my fucking hat. R.J. Barrett poured in 34 points and had a few highlight dunks himself. Even without 5-star recruit Cam Reddish and other 5-star recruit Tre Jones this Duke team still dominated, good luck to anybody that thinks they won’t lose less than 3 games this year.

The last topic for this post is preseason football. The preseason is way too long, having 4 games in which the starters play maybe 4 quarter combined. We should shorten it to 2 games. Think about it 1 Game where the Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers of the game can get a feel for live football, and then 1 game for rookies and players trying to make the team, instead of the 4 long boring weeks of useless games with quarterbacks playing who couldn’t even start in college.


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