Boston Redsox: Ian Kinsler trade.

The Boston Redsox made a few trades during this year trade deadline, today i am going to give my thought on the trade for Ian Kinsler

The Redsox received Ian Kinsler from the Angels for Ty Buttrey  and Williams Jerez. This trade for the redsox i love, i’ve watched Kinsler a bunch as he played four years for the Detroit Tigers. With the injury to Rafael Devers and Dustin Pedroia being out for the rest of the year, this trade makes sense Kinsler is a gold glove caliber defender at second base, and has hit 247 career home runs. Kinsler also seems to be heating up at the right time despite only batting .239 on the year, he has over the last month hit much better with a .320 average. Most importantly he helps the redsox in one of their few weak areas, he provides them with a veteran bat. Kinsler has played 12 years in the big leagues and has played in the postseason 4 times. Overall Grade: A



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